EP Elections Podcast with MEP Karine Gloanec-Maurin

March 13, 2019, 4:12 pm

In the run-up to the European Parliamentary Elections, Culture Action Europe together with the cultural and creative sectors advocates for a future for culture and for Europe that is democratic, diverse, fair, free, human, inclusive and vital.

As part of our EP elections campaign, we have launched a podcast series dedicated to discussing key cultural topics with representatives of the major European political party groupings. Our intent is to discover the position of these representatives on fundamental questions such as freedom of artistic expression, mobility of cultural workers and the place of culture in our society as we advance into the digital age.

In this episode of Salon Culture podcasts, our colleague Sophie Dowden speaks to MEP Karine Gloanec-Maurin from the S&D party to discuss culture’s contribution to Europe and the necessity to safeguard it with appropriate EU legislation and funding. Ms. Gloanec-Maurin insists on the vital role of culture in improving a positive integration of Europe, stating that “there is a necessity to give each one of us the vision which allows us to think that we have a common legacy in this European continent, and this is what culture can build via artistic expressions.”

The need to accept, preserve and celebrate the cultural diversity in which we are united is also addressed and the question of establishing a European regulation to ensure freedom of artistic expression is posed. Ms. Gloanec-Maurin confirms that “today at the European level there are Member States that ignore these fundamental values and in particular the values of freedom of expression” which needs to be protected in “a more formal way.”

During the interview, Ms. Gloanec-Maurin also draws attention to the decreasing subsidies for cultural and creative projects made available to municipalities on Member State level and expands on her position regarding better working conditions, fair remuneration and mobility rights for artists.

Another topic that is highlighted is the value of reinforcing a shared cross-sectoral strategy for education and culture, to support the youth in their understanding and interpretation of the world, particularly in the digital age. Ms. Gloanec-Maurin speaks of the success of the Erasmus program and concludes that “always putting education and culture forward to promote a politics of culture is extremely important.”

Here you can find our questions for candidates which we encourage you to ask the MEP candidates in your country, to discover their position on these key cultural topics.

Click on the player below to listen to the full interview with MEP Karine Gloanec-Maurin, available in English and in French.

Salon Culture #5 (EN): Interview with Karine Gloanec Maurin (EP Elections Special)

Salon Culture #5 (FR): Interview avec Karine Gloanec Maurin (Spéciale Elections UE)

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