Lars Ebert (he/him)
Secretary General

As Secretary General, Lars has the overall responsibility for Culture Action Europe. He leads the organisation together with the General Director and develops CAE´s strategy in conversation with the board and the team. With a focus on advocacy, he engages in an ongoing dialogue with sector representatives and policy makers across the EU.

Lars cares for a dynamic and diverse ecosystem of international cultural advocacy. His specific interest and experience in participatory practices or art-based research fuels his believe in the transformative role of culture towards more sustainable societies.

Natalie Giorgadze (she/her)
General Director

As of 2024, Natalie takes on the role of General Director at Culture Action Europe. Alongside Lars, she is responsible for designing and implementing the network’s strategy. Her focus lies in community development, knowledge creation and transfer, as well as strategic communications. Additionally, she oversees the comprehensive planning of the organisation’s projects, activities, and teams. Natalie is also a member of CAE’s Green Team.

Prior to joining Culture Action Europe, Natalie worked as communications manager for Women in Development Europe and as freelance writer and project developer at Indigo, a cross-media project. Her background in NGOs includes roles within human rights and environmental networks. Natalie, trained as a journalist and social psychologist, holds a postgraduate degree in Cultures and Development Studies from the Catholic University of Leuven.

Natalie cares for people, the planet and processes. 

Kornelia Kiss (she/her)
Head of Research and Development

From 2024, Kornelia is responsible for Research and Development at Culture Action Europe. As the co-author of the ’CultureForHealth Report. Culture’s contribution to health and well-being. A report on evidence and policy recommendations for Europe”, she is striving to drive policy change across Europe in this area and its intersection. She is tasked to look for further development of CAE through cooperation and partnerships, and through working with cities and local authorities.

Kornelia cares for people’s health and wellbeing, communities, sustainable cities and the planet.

Maya Weisinger (she/her)
Head of Communication and Community Development

Maya is responsible for developing and implementing CAE’s communications strategy, overseeing both online and offline community development and managing projects related to community engagement, equity and inclusion.

Maya cares for the resilience of communities by centring marginalised voices through participation, liberation and solidarity practices.

Gabriele Rosana (he/him)
Policy Adviser

Gabriele Rosana is a public policy enthusiast with experiences both in the institutions and in the not-for-profit environment. He is passionate about the EU political project and the role that culture has to play there. During the 8th legislative term, he has worked for the Chair/Coordinator for a major political group of the CULT Committee in the European Parliament, and rapporteur for Creative Europe, extensively following the EU policy-making in the fields of culture, education, media, and digital.

Before joining Culture Action Europe, Gabriele worked as Policy Executive for Fondation EURACTIV and as Advocacy Officer for the Association européenne des conservatoires (AEC). He holds an LL.M. in EU Law from the College of Europe in Bruges and is a freelance journalist covering EU and foreign affairs for various media outlets. He tweets a lot.

Viktoria Takacs (she/her)
Finance Manager 

Viktoria is responsible for managing finances, including responsibilities such as budgeting, monitoring expenses, handling financial transactions, and developing operational processes to enhance automation and accuracy.

Viktoria cares for climate, youth programs and mental health awareness.

Sara Bandinu (she/her)
Policy Communication Intern

Recently graduated in Languages for Intercultural Communication and International Cooperation, Sara is the newest addition to CAE’s team. Drawing from her internship at Valletta Italian Cultural Institute and her involvement with NGOs, she brings a diverse set of skills encompassing communication and project management. As intern at CAE, she contributes to the organization of social media strategy, communication efforts, policy research, and event management.

Sara cares for intercultural dialogue and civil rights. 

Marie Wittig (she/her)
Project Intern

Marie, currently a project intern at CAE, brings a dynamic background in education to the team. Transitioning from a role as a secondary school teacher in English and art until the summer of 2023, she is now pursuing a master‘s degree in Cultural Studies at KU Leuven. With a global perspective gained through projects and trips around the world, Marie is driven by a curiosity for different cultures and a passion for creating opportunities in the cultural sector.

Marie cares for sustainability and  intercultural dialogue.

Eduvigis Sardà Sánchez (they/them)
Project & Event Intern

Eduvigis, a Philosophy graduate with a minor in Aesthetics and Contemporary Thought, is specialised in studying contemporary art and the digital tools shaping human development. With a Master’s in Digital Humanities and experience in museums and galleries, she currently interns at CAE, honing her skills in project development, finance, and communication.

Eduvigis cares for digital arts and revitalisation of culture in all its expressions.