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Culture Action Europe (RPM Bruxelles 0453.404.526) is an international non-profit making association, registered under Belgian law with our main office at 13 rue Ravenstein, 1000 Brussels. Culture Action Europe brings together individuals and legal entities around the following objectives:

  1. a) To put culture at the heart of the public debate and decision-making at every level – both local and European – as an essential component for sustainable societies based upon respect for universal human rights and to the benefit of present and future generations;
  2. b) To encourage the democratic development of the European Union, as the first and most ambitious attempt to establish a new form of democracy based on respect for human rights and the will to organize cultural life around a complex identity and not the hegemony of a single language, culture or religion.

To accomplish its mission, Culture Action Europe disseminates information on European policies and legislation that have an impact on the cultural development of European societies and the European project; exchanges, conveys, publishes ideas and debates on European policies; promotes culture as a necessary condition for sustainable development towards citizens, their organizations, the public and private sector and all European institutions and as well other relevant bodies and institutions in Europe, member states and international institutions that influence the European context.

Culture Action Europe is a network of members and partners that support our mission. To keep our network informed about the political developments and opportunities in the cultural sector, we keep a database of stakeholders. Your integrity is important to us and we aim to protect it by our privacy policy and according to the General data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please read the following information carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your personal data and how we treat it.

Culture Action Europe are responsible for the handling of your personal data on this website. We do not disclose your email address to any third party, except to Mailchimp, our current email service provider. Mailchimp has confirmed that they will be fully compliant with all aspects of GDPR by 25 May. We will, in addition, update our privacy policy according to the law and adapt our data collection tools by that date.

Registrations to subscriptions, meetings and conferences
Your personal data (first name, last name, organization, country and email) that are collected in connection to subscriptions to our newsletters (Culture Action Europe Newsletter, Culture Action Europe Flash) and/or our invitations to events are only saved for as long as you are a subscriber. When you unsubscribe, you no longer receive updates from us. Should you want Culture Action Europe to remove your personal data from our database, write to

Your right to information
You have the right to demand information about what personal data Culture Action Europe has collected about you and information on the purpose that the data is used. You also have the right to get incomplete and wrong information corrected, removed or blocked. Use our contact information to get in touch with us to utilize these rights.