Strategic Focus 2022-24

We act as an aggregator of cultural communities, which values the knowledge and abilities of its members, peer-to-peer relations, the reinforcement of equitable expertise sharing and participation within a wide range of dynamics and on different scales.

Therefore, our 2022-24 strategy encapsulates the following focus areas, with actions based upon current and post-2020 European policy forming the core of CAE’s advocacy activity. We work to embed culture in all relevant policy areas of EU action.

Culture Action Europe is proactive in defining its main focuses of attention and, at the same time, has a double capacity to react: to the general needs of its members and to the evolution of the policies and programmes of the European institutions in general. Through extensive consultation with our members in spring 2020 and a further discussion at the 2020 Members’ Forum, the three main strategic focus of Culture Action Europe for the period 2022-2024 were identified. These are:

  • Culture, environment and sustainability. CAE will specifically address the cultural contribution to sustainability at all levels, the reorientation of cultural practices towards more sustainable models and the advocacy to ensure the sustainability of the cultural sector itself, all including the environmental dimension.
  • Well-being (and well-living) with a specific focus on access to and participation in culture and cultural rights. We will address the relationship of culture to social cohesion, community building and participation, democracy, diversity and equality and health, with a specific focus on access to culture and cultural rights. To this end, we will create strategic cross-sectoral and international partnerships with organisations that put well-being at the centre.
  • Welfare and living conditions in the cultural ecosystem. CAE aims to work together with other initiatives to develop a political agenda that takes into account the specificity of the material living conditions of artists, cultural workers and organisations, with a particular attention given to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the conditions of those artists and cultural workers subject to marginalisation due to gender, race, ethnicity, age, or disability.
  • Actions upon the current European policies are at the core of Culture Action Europe’s advocacy activity. CAE proactively works to mainstream culture in all relevant policy areas of EU action. CAE’s constant cooperation with the European institutions and familiarity with their procedures and inner-workings on the one side, and its proximity to members on the other, sparks a tradition of close engagement with cultural policies and those wider agendas affecting culture at the European level.

Culture Action Europe leaflet and strategic focus 2022-2024

Culture Action Europe’s strategic focus of 2019-2021