Strategic Focus 2019-21

We act as an aggregator of cultural communities, which values the knowledge and abilities of its members, peer-to-peer relations, the reinforcement of equitable expertise sharing and participation within a wide range of dynamics and on different scales.

Therefore, our 2019-21 strategy encapsulates the following focus areas, with actions based upon current and post-2020 European policy forming the core of CAE’s advocacy activity. We work to embed culture in all relevant policy areas of EU action.

Based on CAE members’ concerns and aspiration, these three main focus areas were identified in 2018 as strategic priorities for work in the following three years, 2019-21.

  • Welfare and work conditions in the cultural field with particular reference to contracts, income, the social security status of artists and the mobility of cultural actors.
  • Freedom of artistic expression and cultural rights: focusing on the research of legal frameworks at the European and national levels.
  • Artistic and cultural research and STEAM practices: helping to define policies capable of recognizing the potential of research and experimentation in contemporary culture, and to fully and transversally integrate the cultural and creative sectors into R+D+i programs.

Culture Action Europe Brochure