Our equality, diversity & inclusion policies

At Culture Action Europe (CAE), we are committed to promoting and championing gender equality, diversity, and equity in all of our endeavors. We firmly believe that these values are not only essential principles but also powerful drivers of creativity, innovation, and social progress within the cultural sector. Our organisation is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where every individual, regardless of their background, identity, or perspective, is valued and empowered.

Culture Action Europe approaches equality, diversity and inclusion in two ways. Firstly, within Culture Action Europe’s own organisational environment and, secondly, within the broader community that CAE engages with in terms of its activities. In both these respects CAE is committed to:

  • making sure there is no unjustified, unconscious or unlawful discrimination in the organisation’s recruitment, selection, management, promotion and quality assurance/enhancement processes;
  • ensuring that all colleagues are treated equally, solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, colour, ethnic or national origin, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, religion and belief (including lack of it), trade union membership or non-membership, marital and civil partnership status, family circumstances, pregnancy or maternity status, or on the basis of being a part-time or fixed term worker;
  • understanding, valuing and working constructively with all peers to enable fair and full participation in our work and activities so that everyone is able to express their views and beliefs without fear of discrimination;
  • being pro-active in the removal of barriers and the redressing of imbalances caused by inequality and unjustified discrimination.

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