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We dream of a time when culture is central to inclusive, plural, open and sharing societies.


Our mission is to advocate the arts and culture as a fundamental building block of the common future of Europe and beyond. Our network enables us to research the multiple natures of cultural practices, to interact and mediate in order to ease effective policy-level communications and to share our collective knowledge and expertise.


  • We believe that culture must be put at the heart of public debate and decision making
  • We believe in the value and values of culture based on democracy, pluralism, and cultural rights
  • We believe that culture contributes to the development of sustainable and inclusive societies
  • We believe that culture is a practice rather than a resource
  • We believe that cultural gain is fundamentally social and collective, and for the common good
  • We believe in a plural voice that includes the enormous potential of a community that acts collectively
  • We believe exploratory culture is a space in which to create shared values

Culture Action Europe leaflet