EP Elections 2019 Campaign

EP Elections 2019 Campaign

December 19, 2018, 3:55 pm

Want to join the campaign? Check this toolkit out to see how you can be involved.

The Culture Action Europe EP Elections 2019 Campaign aims to foster a stronger recognition of the cultural dimension of the European Union and culture’s contribution to Europe and to encourage voters to make their voice heard by participating in the European Parliamentary elections.

The campaign gives voters the ability to make an informed decision about the role of culture in the political party programmes and provides a basis for activists, CAE members and citizens  in their own countries to advocate for political parties to adopt a positive stance on the role of culture in the future of the European Union.

It encourages them to organise events and debates with politicians, contact their politicians through letters and meetings and display the campaign’s posters and stickers. In this way, we can join forces to campaign for culture’s contribution to Europe as a necessary source of unity and a force for cooperation and mutual understanding.

The campaign will bring together voters from all over Europe to take part in a live online dialogue on 25 April 2019 on the the fundamental role of culture in the progress of the European Union discussing the link between culture and identity, borders, human rights and education.

The campaign also provides activists, voters and citizens with a toolkit (CAE’s political Appeal, posters, stickers, letter templates and more) to enable them to take action, as well as building a community and alliances in and outside the cultural sector.

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