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February 12, 2016, 3:45 pm
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We collected 19 interesting stories to share with you the impact that can happen through culture.


Good Design Izmir is an annual 3-days design event, involving exhibitions, conferences, talks, workshops and street events, with the aim of promoting creative industries. Its primary target groups are designers, design students and design related organisations.


The project has reworked ‘museum natural history’ to explore the relationships between people and nature, and to move from simply presenting information to promoting and enabling positive social and environmental outcomes.

Support and produce the arts by & about refugees & migrants, seeking to ensure that their contributions are recognised and welcomed within British arts, history and culture.


Dourgouti Island Hotel” is an “UrbanDig Project”, developed by the NPO “Ohi pezoume”, that combines performing arts with community mapping practices. The starting point as well as the festive finale of each UrbanDig Project is a site-specific performance born by the rich material that derives from a palette of collective action.

DECIDES MALI IV is based on the assumption that cultural factors are very important in the realization of sexual and reproductive rights (SRR) and it is inspired by the learning of cultural cooperation for development.


“Culture for all” is an EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo. It aims to contribute to the cultural and socio-economic development of Kosovo by strengthening the cultural sector, through the promotion of cultural activities for all communities.

DECIDES ESPAÑA is based on the assumption that cultural factors are very important in the realization of sexual and reproductive rights (SRR) and it is inspired by the learning of cultural cooperation for development.


The project called “Living in Creativity” is a long term project establishing a Youth Education Media Centers leading with an International Film Youth Festival in the city of Malisheva.We consider our project as one of the biggest cultural event in the history of our city.

The Festival Deltebre Dansa is a unique event in an exceptional place as Deltebre, in the Ebro Delta (Catalonia, Spain), which attracts 150 contemporary dancers and circus artists from around the world to live a unique experience immersed in an intense artistic activity.


CORNERS is a platform for artists and audiences, designed and driven by cultural organizations at the edges of Europe. It creates opportunities for artists and researchers to collaborate internationally on multidisciplinary artistic and cultural projects. It interconnects outer regions of Europe.

The MakeDox Traveling Cinema is screening creative documentary films in remote rural regions across Macedonia. 2010, for the first time the Traveling Cinema organised 10 open air screenings in villages and communities where if there was ever a film screening it has happened at least 50 years ago.


Medicinema is a project reference to the socialization and the development of human capital, using film and culture for the purpose of therapy within hospitals and health resorts. The project intends to promote and enhance the movie watching experience as both ‘culture’ and ‘therapeutic’

Mitote Project is a social application of art that blends music, theater and ecology. We use art to claim the right of peoples to beauty as a means to re connect with Mother Earth and create a more just and happy world. Mitote approaches culture and art to the communities and enhances its appropriation by them.


This project is based on the co existence of the three mono theological believes in Dortmund. Involved are two Christian churches (Protestant/Roman Catholic) Islamic two mosque (Turkish/Moroccan) and Jewish the only Synagogue in Dortmund.

Silver Guru project has the aim to offer to senior citizens new opportunities to feel active and included in the community. A non-formal training pathway delivered by young mentors about the Social Media and Digital Culture as a tool to connect, share information, develop knowledge and keep in touch with the real life of the young generation.


A youth marching jazz brass band in the periphery of Rome. An experience of informal education, inclusion, cooperation and big fun for boys and girls from one of the socially most degraded areas of Rome, invented and carried out by a single musician, with the support of a local coop.

Eccom realized a training course for specialized workers in archaeological excavations addressed to offenders in the prison of Rebibbia, Rome. The course was funded by the Province of Rome and trained 20 offenders in two years.


The Young Guru Project was born as the Italian test phase of the European Cultural Learning Network (ECLN) – involving 12 people under 25. Young Guru’s purpose was 1) to foster youngsters in taking part in arts experiences “live” 2) to better animate other groups of peers and 3) to improve their soft/key skills through arts experience.

ZAWP stands for Zorrotzaurre Art Work in Progress, a movement that was created to address the newly-approved urban development plan for the neighbourhoods of Ribera de Deusto and Zorrotzaurre. In order to revitalize the area from its previous industrial history, we are working to change the landscape of the peninsula through culture and creativity.