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Title of the project:Young Guru (Italy)

The “Young Guru” is a new professional profile for the audience development, a young mediator of the cultural offer able to be social and create micro-network of real people.

About the project

Content: The Young Guru Project was born as the Italian test phase of the European Cultural Learning Network (ECLN) – involving 12 people under 25. Young Guru’s purpose was 1) to foster youngsters in taking part in arts experiences “live” 2) to better animate other groups of peers and 3) to improve their soft/key skills through arts experience. YG was a pathway on the impact of the social media and a wider reflection about the need of cultural networks based on real life and not only virtual.

Duration from 25/06/2014 to 30/10/2014
Location Rome Fondazione MAXXI – Museo delle Arti del XXI Secolo
Field/discipline: Cultural learning, Communication and Audience Development

The actors

The project was run by Mulab (2 sr. tutors, Project Manager and Communication Manager) and the Department of Education MAXXI Museum (1 sr. tutor, Head of the Department). The training sessions were informal.

The people received the most significant impact

The project had a big impact on life of the young people involved. After the end of the project, some were involved in other project delivered by Mulab with a contract. Four of them were successful in their internship project abroad Italy and other three were employed. We planned to improve the self-awareness of the young people using arts for a better social inclusion.

The context

In Italy we are living a harsh economic crisis that affect significantly young people. Our percentage of youth unemployment is one of the higher in Europe and despite our huge cultural heritage mainly it affects the ones with a humanities, architecture and arts degree. Additionally to this, the youngsters are more and more distant from the culture because they live everything on tech devices (cellphone etc.).