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Culture Action Europe is SHIFT Eco-Certified

Culture Action Europe is one of first fifteen European cultural networks to achieve the SHIFT Eco-Certification!

A year on from the launch of the pilot SHIFT Culture Eco-Certificate with European cultural networks, Creative Carbon Scotland (CCS), together with their auditing partners Green Leisure Group (GLG) from the Netherlands, have announced that 15 networks, including Culture Action Europe, have achieved their certification with a further network working towards it.

Participating networks have strived to implement the SHIFT Eco-Guidelines for Networks that were developed during the original SHIFT project. Each network has implemented the mandatory guidelines in their own network organisation, participated in peer audits with their fellow participants and attended a combined development workshop in Brussels. Finally, GLG has used the guidelines to audit each network, which assured the credibility and integrity of the certification process.

The implemented guidelines were developed and designed specifically for network organisations, which tend to be small in size but large in the scope of their influence, with most of their environmental impact stemming from travel. The buddy and peer audit system has connected networks with each other around climate action.

The eco-certificate pilot phase will continue for another year and is a collaborative journey and joint learning experience for all. Together with CCS and GLG, we learned that while many participating organisations are stretched to capacity, the eco-guidelines provide a clear framework for effective climate action that each organisation can build on. A few of the participating networks are working closely on issues of climate justice, which is a challenge we continue to tackle together.

In 2024, the participating networks will implement their optional guidelines from the framework and meet again to review and strengthen the guidelines according to ongoing participant experience, with the support of CCS.

New network organisations are invited to join the process from 2024 onwards. Interested European organisations can contact Caro Overy – – for more information.

Below is a list of the first group of SHIFT eco-certified cultural network organisations:

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