Tell us a story

Tell us a story

February 12, 2016, 3:45 pm
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We created a special focus on three stories: Fun Palace, Farm Cultural Park and Anibar. We accompanied those projects nearly from the scratches to observe their impact on society.

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Farm Cultural Park is trying to build a piece of a better world, a small community dedicated to inventing new ways of thinking, living and being…

Do something for yourself, for your family and for your community. Farm Cultural Park is an impossible project that became possible. Nobody believed that the initiators could create an internationally recognized cultural center in the abandoned historic center of a small unfortunate Sicilian town. Nobody would’ve bet one euro on the possibility that Favara would become a tourist town.


Anibar Animation Festival is the only animation festival in Kosovo, which has had 7 successful editions until now. Each year the festival gets bigger…

This animation Festival was initiated in 2010 by a group of friends sharing the idea of creating something valuable for the city they lived in. Over the time, the organization and the festival grew. Besides film screenings, an important element of the initiative is the continuous teaching of young people to do animation and work in capacity building. The festival has many local visitors that participate in the workshops, debates, and panels, however international guests are also very important because their expertise helps in exchanging knowledge with local artists.


Fun Palaces is both an ongoing campaign for culture at the heart of every community, and an annual weekend of active participation in culture…

Fun Palaces facilitate individual and community engagement in culture, asserting the individual and community’s right and ability to decide what culture means to them and their locality – and how best to share it. The initiators believe that this hyper-local, grassroots-up approach to cultural engagement can support community cohesion and help develop a more inclusive cultural and landscape – locally, nationally and internationally.



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