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Title of the project: Living in Creativity

Please describe your action/project

The project called “Living in Creativity” is a long term project establishing a Youth
Education Media Centers leading with an International Film Youth Festival in the
city of Malisheva. We consider our project as one of the biggest cultural event in
the history of our city, which would give space to every young person to express
themselves with photography, movies, videos, interviews and film festival to show
their works. We could do this event using our experiences gained in many youth conferences,
film festivals and International Youth Media Summits. But, to empower youth of
Malisheva as one of the most rural and conservatives societies in Kosovo we need
financial support. It would be great to establish something different in our city which would give life to
the city. We are lucky that we have enough space for our activities and professional
team to manage this project that would long for a long time.

Tell us something more about your project/activity:

The content of the project is to empower Media Literacy for young people in order
to create more news for youth, movies, videos and images in order to present and
fight against negative issues of the society. At the beginning of the project ww
would like to organize a information workshop about the Media Literacy and
preparing young people to deal with issues of the societies and their problems. We
would like to create an active generation expressing the truth and creativity in front
of the others. After we would collect information, videos and materials in Youth
Media Education Center in Malisheva we will open a call for international creative
young people to participate in the Malisheva Youth Film Fest in order to create one
of the biggest event in the history of Malisheva City. Our greatest advance is that
our NGO Values for Better Future we have a great number of friends who will
support us organizing our event informing their active member of the Film
Festivals, Media Education and International Summits.
Duration (from 01/02/2016/ to 01/12/ 2016 /(with an going process
Location- Malisheva City/Kosovo
Field/discipline Media Literacy

Tell us something about who did it: individual(s),
organization(s), formal, informal, their numbers, their role/
skills, etc.

– Our NGO Values for Better Future aims to raise the quality of Education,
Culture and Media Information in rural areas. Our mission is to go there
where children can’t come to us. Our city Malisheva is far from big cities and
is surrounded by many villages who do not have access in Media and
Information and a lot of children face a lot of issues as early marriages,
forced marriage and sexual abuses. We strongly believe that is most needed
to establish Youth Media Education Center in order to help youth to bring
alive their ideas in life through: films, news, videos, songs, poems,paintings
in order to participate in International Youth Media Film Festivals and
Summits and presenting in a Social Network where they can share their
issues and successes in artistic fields.
– Our NGO Values for Better Future is connected with many International Film
Festivals and people who lead social development projects as WADADA
NEWS FOR KIDS in Netherlands, Media Education in Belgrade and many
International Film Festivals.
– Also a special relationship we have with the MEU Julie Ward who is trying to
help us to participate in international conferences and festivals as a result of
integration progress of Kosovo in EU.

Tell us something about the people who in your view received
the most significant impact: who were they? How many of

– We consider that still today females, children and young people face
discriminations and other obstacles in our society as: decision making for
attending university, marriage in early age, freedom of speech and
discrimination. Our project idea is making movies, documentaries and news
for these issues that will show the hidden facts of our traditional and
conservatives societies in villages. During this time we plan also to me make
NEWS FOR KIDS with WADADA NEWS TV for the same concerns mentioned
– Living in a place where no one asks you what do you dream? Or what do you
desire? But, just to follow rules and duties that other give to you we strongly
believe that the most important project in our city is to establish Youth
Education Media Network in Malisheva in order to give free space and access
to all kids and young people of Malisheva to share their work, issues, ideas
and dreams. This would help us to continue our work with International TV
Programs for Youth and International Film Festivals in the future and to break
our traditional taboos.
– Up to now we have done a lot of projects such as news and films but this is
leading us to many troubles as: money budget, paying people for filming our
projects and proper tools. They sometimes neglected us because we offered
low prices to them and this affects negatively our work because we miss the
deadlines of festivals.
– If you will support our project in order to have the proper tools our work will
be easier to work and we only should focus in our ideas and potential of
– The project about establishing Youth Media Education Network and Malisheva
Film Fest for youth will cover all schools of Malisheva, but we plan in the future
to widen our idea and involve every school of Kosovo always reporting the
newest information about children, woman, poor people, disabled people,
environment, talents and their success. We believe that the interest of youth
will be high because here in Kosovo is not any special media network that
works only for youth and kids. And for them is very difficult to contact media
because all medias are in Prishtina and they do not have any special space for
youth. Our Media Online Center will work the whole year only for the potential
of youth and the idea is to give space to young people who can do better
contribution for society with possibilities they see, ideas they have ? Always
fighting against issues as early marriage, discrimination, woman’s rights, and
– From our project will be effected every school of Malisheva including boys
and girls the number may be around 8000 students but we plan in the future to
widen our project connecting all cities of Kosovo in our network
– Our project will begin informing schools by emails in order to go there to
inform about the importance of Media and Social Issues that is affected every
child every day in different forms. But the problem is that issues are not
reported anywhere or are hidden from families and society itself. For example
here in Malisheva we have many problems as: Early Marriages, Immigrations
problems, divorce, leaving the schools in early age, environment,
discrimination, we have also high number of young people following the
Muslim lectures into mosques because of no social activities. Our solution is
if we start informing them about their possibilities and telling them that they
have a place to address their issues in Youth Education Media Network and
organizing a workshop for more than 200 students from all schools of
Malisheva it will be a great step to start breaking taboos of isolated village

Was the impact planned from the start?

a) We plan at first to visit and speak with youth who are living in villages
far from big cities and challenges they face during the day starting
from her family, friends, teachers and others. The age of target
audience are children and young people of all villages and schools of
Malisheva that are more than 40 schools. After this we will organize a
workshop for two days in order to give them a space to present their
issues and problems. In the workshop they will have the chance to
watch many news for kids, movies and documentaries that are
connected with their issues. After that they will present their issues in
order to star working on news and films for youth especially on topics
as: discrimination, early marriage, immigration of young people,
violence, women rights. This topics we will film and we will show to our
first Film Youth Festival organized in Malisheva under the name
Malisheva Film Fest. This is a good way to empower youth and to
create more jobs for them. Because if young people start using new
technology and equipments they will earn more money working in a
team work in a production program for children and youth in the future.
Also it would be a good chance for Malisheva to be popular for tourists
and other visitors during the Festival. Our team has the experience
gained on International Youth Media Summit in Belgrade and in the
Film Festival in Germany.

Tell us something about the context: recent history, social,
Economic and cultural features

As you Kosova has very low economy and very few educational and cultural
projects for youth, expect that young people are discriminated in every manner by
Political Parties and our Institutions, we have too little space to act and organize
anything. A lot of young people are disappointed from this atmosphere and are
immigrating in European Countries. Here are a small number of young people who
are trying to make changes in our community and organizing any cultural event.
For us is very hard to find any support in a country like is Kosovo especially in a
province like Malisheva is.

Tell us what were your expected results and the actual ones

Our expected results are to increase the education and cultural activities between
young people in the region of Malisheva using Internet as one of the cheapest tool
to share information and artistic values through Youth Media Education Center in
Malisheva and organizing every year Malisheva Film Fest for youth from which we
expect to make an international event using and corpoarting with our partners all
around the world like: Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Serbia, Japan and
many others. This event it would be very helpful for us as young people living far
from big cities of Kosovo. This would empower young people of Malisheva,
creating more jobs for youth and increasing the number of visitors in Malisheva.
Cultural events are oneof the most likely activities for youth today because it gives
the possibility to young people to meet, make new friends and exchange cultural
background withs each other.

Tell us something about the most relevant resource inputs of
your project/action: human, financial, organization, time

Our project is easy to realize because we have young professional staff who know
English and we have location to for free to arrange our meeting during the Festival
and other events. Also we have good relation with most prestigious International
Youth Media and Films Festival in which we are corporation time by time. All we
need is financial means for training of our staff to develop their skills, to buy
equipments for work as Cameras, Laptops, and projectors and pay professional
jury team during the film festival including accommodation and travel expenses.

To realize all these expenses we need 18.750 Euros.

For example :

  • 2 professional Cameras 3000 euro,
  • 3 Laptops 1800 euro
  • 1 Projector 300 euro
  • Payment of 3 professional jury members 3000 Euros
  • Flying Tickets for 3 persons 1150 euro
  • Prizes for the first ,second, third place 2000 Euros
  • Expenses for marketing:
  • Web page 500 euro
  • Prints 300 euro
  • Salaries for the organizer staff 2 members for a year
  • paid 280 euro per month = 6700

Total Budget 18.750 euro

Tell us how you have attained the main change: challenges, innovation, obstacles, brilliant solutions, turning points, quantum leaps, etc.

We have started to do our creativity work since 2014 making the first movie called
“The Dreamers” which was the first movie in our municipality that gave the
possibility to participate more than 120 young students. After that our team
participated in one of the most prestigious Film Festival for Programs in Munich of
Germany called Prix jenuesse International where we learned a lot of youth
programs, news for kids, and even more we made friends from all over the world.
We continued our work to create other movies like Kosovo’s Children Government
and the real story about the boy who is born without hands and making short news
What is more important for us that we have participated in one of the biggest event
for youth in Balkan in the International Youth Media Summit where our team has
worked in the group of poverty Issue with more than 150 young participants.
All these works where done with our financial expenses and with the little help of
The royal Norway Embassy in Kosovo.
Now we have come to an important leap where we want to establish an
International Film Festival in Malisheva gathering all young creative minds in one
place for one week working together and making new movies.
We plan to start our project in Summer of 2016 first of July, until 7th of July.

Tell us the main area of impact of your project, i.e. a permanent or long lasting change in attitudes, awareness,
behavior, conditions, economic status, income, occupation, perception, practice, quality of life, self-esteem, skills, social
relations, etc. and for whom.

We plan to develop Media Literacy through Education, Artistic values using films,
news and festivals to present creative works all young people aged 14-25. This
project it is a permanent one establishing Media Education Center working with
creative young people who like movies, arts, and education leading to an
International Film Festival in region of Malisheva considering as one of the most
rural area in Kosovo located far from big cities but as a very important place to
develop Media Literacy and Film Festivals for young people.
To realize this project we have the space and location to develop our projects using
the Cultural House of Malisheva, Youth Center and the Assembly of Youth in
Malisheva cooperating with all schools of Malisheva primary and secondary one.
Our NGO has very talented professional team who can manage this event and help
other visitors and young people from different countries.
We have decided to develop cultural events in the Municaplity of Malisehva we are
far from big cities and young people can’t participate in other artistic events living
far from them and costing very much to participate. We would like also to use our
knowledge gained in international Film festival, conferences and Summits in order
to influence more young people who would work in the future to fight against
negative issues like: discrimination, women violence, early marriages, hate
speech , poverty, immigration and so on.
Our biggest profit is that we have good relations and support from other
International professional skills people who have good experience on film festivals,
media literacy and media Centers.
Which is the Big Idea behind your project/action?
We consider our biggest idea behind this project is to establish a Youth Media
Education Center leading with International Malisheva Film Festival to gather
young innovators and creative minds to corporate together all around the world in
order to find solutions for the society. This would happen for the first time in our
city and it would be very important for young people to express their feelings,
emotions, thoughts and stories in one p-lace,
But another idea is to increase the number of visitors and the possibility of new
profession to create new jobs in the future. In a city unexplored before called
Malisheva considering to visit as one of the cheapest city in the world to live.