We care about working conditions in the cultural sector!

July 3, 2023, 7:24 am

Care, we reiterated during the 2023 edition of the Beyond the Obvious | Handle with Care: Culture for Social Well-being, is also for those who have culture as their workplace. The draft report of the European Parliament on the social and professional situation of artists and workers in the cultural and creative sectors is now out.

As evoked by the stakeholders, the report illustrates several areas of relevance, from fair remuneration to better coordinated social security, from education and training to prevention of harassment and discrimination, from digital challenges (including AI) to artistic freedom.

However, when it comes to the “Union measures” the reports call for, it stops short of suggesting that the Commission should put forward a directive with precise obligations for Member States to translate in their legal systems. It instead opts for a decision to establish a framework “for collecting and publishing appropriate data and for encouraging cooperation and the exchange of best practices between Member States, with a view to formulating quality standards.”

While it is a further step in the right direction, it might lack the ambition needed to move from data-gathering to more politically sound deliberations. While many profiles highlighted in the past years by our network are already reflected in this proposal, Culture Action Europe will present recommendations to improve the draft report as part of the activities of its permanent Working Group on Working Conditions.

The next meeting of the Culture Action Europe Working Group on Working Conditions in the Cultural and Creative Sectors will take place on 7 July. Find below the schedule of upcoming meetings:

Friday 7 July, 1pm-2.30pm CEST
Friday 8 September, 11am-1pm CEST

Register here, to receive a Zoom link which will remain the same for all the upcoming meetings.

Please note that by committing to being part of the Working Group, you are expected to attend and contribute to all meetings. The names and affiliations of the members will be published on our website. Later additions will be possible by contacting us at policy@cultureactioneurope.org

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