Let’s demonstrate the impact of culture!

May 2, 2016, 4:12 pm

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Culture Action Europe and Agenda 21 for Culture-UCLG are keen to promote your actions and ideas in a study they are undertaking for the European Economic and Social Committee of the EU on Culture, Cities and Identity.

Therefore, our aim is to gather, with your help, concrete examples and best practices of culture as (intentionally or as a spill-over effect):

  • a vehicle for economic growth,
  • an instrument for reconverting cities,
  • a tool for integration and inclusiveness*,
  • a pillar of European identity, within Europe and in external relations.

The examples can be from any recent cultural activity or enterprise (visual arts, performing arts, film, heritage, broadcasting or creative industries). Don’t worry about format- you can send 3 lines or 50 pages- in English, French or Spanish.

Let’s demonstrate the impact of culture!

Click here to send your best practices

(Deadline: 10th of May)

EXTENDED TO 18th of May

We look forward to reading your answers,

* The examples sent to CAE in March following the call on Intercultural issues and refugees/migrants shall be integrated.

CAE’s political advocacy work on the EU Urban Agenda is promoted in collaboration with European Cultural Foundation.


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