European Filmmakers Appeal for Participation in EU Elections

May 24, 2019, 8:55 am

It is true, Europe is hardly perfect.

We sometimes blame it, and rightly so, for lacking soul and emotion, for speaking a language that few of us understand.

We blame it for not doing enough to face the ecological, social and political crises that are threatening to unravel it today, for not doing enough to face the refugee tragedy.

Yet, despite its frailties and its failings, we also perceive humanity and beauty at its core. And we strive to portray it through delicate imagery, in a more accessible language for all the people that make it whole.

Let us remember that Europe united for peace. What started as a union of 6 countries has now grown to include 28 countries in a unique alliance that is inspiring for all of humanity.

This Union was built on the principles of open borders, free circulation, fraternity, solidarity, values that are today under attack on all fronts, including from within Europe itself.

But this Union is also one of culture, a truly ambitious purpose for a continent whose innovation and creation have always shone bright.

And a free and democratic Europe is a Europe of creativity, freedom of thought and expression. As we are facing extremism and backwards tendencies, once again spreading like a plague, it is our duty to stand up for these values.

This incredibly fragile balance must be strengthened and improved, when facing those who want to destroy it by dividing, giving up and looking for a way out.

To the question: how do we build a desirable, unifying, open Europe offering a space for freedom and peace?

We must reply by standing firmly for what we believe in, in this battle of ideas.

From May 23 to 26, for the European elections, we will therefore vote.

It is our common future that is at stake, if not our future itself.

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