Culture Crops: Last Days To Register

October 8, 2019, 11:37 am
Culture crops is a conference on the road, where we will explore approaches to culture in non-urban territories in Europe. Guided by 5 key questions, the programme centres upon facilitated debate and exchange, creative workshops and panel discussions with policymakers working on the EU-level. Join us in Konstanz-Kreuzlingen 23-26 October to take part in this joint advocacy approach to culture – beyond the obvious!

Registration is only open for 5 more days – register here to secure your spot at the conference!


Beyond the Obvious – Culture Crops will be guided by five main questions, connecting collaborative debate and dialogue to concrete policy action during and after the conference.

1. How can we encourage a change of perspective regarding cultural production in non-urban territories?

2. How can non-urban cultural practices contribute to more sustainable communities?

3. What can we learn from cultural practices in peripheries and non-urban areas?

4. Can cultural and social projects in these “places-in-between” facilitate more transversal policies to rethink human mobility at all levels?

5. What can we learn from rural communities, artists, activities, museums creating other forms of participation and increasing representation?

Culture Crops is a conference on the road, and our dynamic itinerary includes site visits to hear about new and engaging projects on-location.


Visits include:

Culture Crops has a unique joint advocacy approach, developed though group workshops focused on the 5 conference questions, and presented in a panel discussion guested by policy-and decision makers from the European Commission, the European Parliament and more.

Culture Crops is an open space for participants to share, collaborate and learn, and we are are thrilled to have announced our full programme of speakers and contributors for the conference. Full details are available on our website here.

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