CAE at Yuste Academy 2016

October 26, 2016, 3:26 pm

How can culture facilitate sustainable development? What’s the role of culture in forming our (European) identities? Listen to the presentation of Cristina Da Milano (CAE Board member), delivered at the Yuste Autumn Academy on “Culture, Identity & Sustainability”, 7-8 October 2016.

Two days course on “Cultural policies in Europe facing the challenges of integration: citizen participation, active citizenship and european identity” was organised in collaboration with the “A Soul for Europe” Initiative. It aimed to show good practices in which culture is the facilitating axis of European integration, citizen participation and democratic development in Europe. It presented opportunities offered by culture as a space to overcome the current challenges of the European Union, such as the refugee crisis and terrorism, developing values such as solidarity, respect and tolerance, that clash with speeches on exclusion, hatred and racism.

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