5th European Forum on Music – 11|14 June – Riga

June 1, 2015, 2:58 pm

European Music Council 
5th European Forum on Music ” Access to Music is Digital?”
Riga, Latvia
June 11-14 2015

The European Music Council’s  annual conference,  known as the European Forum on Music, will soon take place in Riga, Latvia and will focus on the question “is access to music digital ?”. Debates will also deal with audience development through digital means in Europe and the role of concerts venues in the digital age: the tension between improving local infrastructures and reaching out to global audiences. A special interactive session will also be organised on music education through the digital scope. Delegates will also be able to learn more about EMC projects and program (such as the staff exchange) and to attend study visits.

As the conference is taking place in Latvia, the actual EU Presidency country, which has been very much focusing on digital, Dace Melbarde (Latvian Minister for Culture)  will give a keynote speech.

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