1% for Culture | CAE Newsletter is out

February 27, 2018, 11:22 pm

Culture Action Europe​ latest Newsletter is out. Read more about our 1% for Culture Campaign, why we have launched it and how you can support it.

In his editorial “From Utopian Dream to Political Reality”, CAE president Robert Manchin talks about the most contentious European political debates that characterise EU political life every 7 years. MFF negotiations are just starting. This is the moment of truth, when the lofty declarations about Europe’s future are translated into the numbers of the budget.  And, wisely, instead of repeating a process that at times feels like a zero-sum game, we decide on a budget that will be in place at least until 2027.

What are demands of the European cultural sector? How can you support our call for more substantial and sustainable funding for culture in the next EU budget? Find out more in this edition of the CAE newsletter.

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