Report | Work Plan for Culture 2019-22

According to the report on the Work Plan for Culture 2019-22, future priorities include cultural recovery and resilience, climate change impacts, culture’s role in societal transformation and wellbeing, and combating illicit trade in cultural goods and other important topics.

The released report also acknowledges the relevance of its priorities, actions carried out with the support from and in cooperation with the Commission, and the working methods used to implement them.

New angles on existing priorities include key issues such as the relationship between culture and sustainability, climate change and environment, cultural and creative professionals’ status, working and social conditions, and resilience, gender sensitive data collection, diversity in cultural and artistic expression and the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation, strengthening of social cohesion and EU’s more strategic approach on cultural relations

New topics that deserve attention outline the prioritization of recovery of the cultural and creative sectors in the post-Covid time, taking action against illicit trade in cultural goods, making culture and creativity more accessible to persons with disabilities, assessing culture, democracy in relation to education

A reflection to strengthen the EU framework for culture cooperation is also outlined in the report’s conclusions.

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Report EU Commission 29Jun
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