Research study: Trends in cultural consumption during the pandemic

“Trends in cultural consumption during the pandemic is the new publication” conducted by the Research Department of the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training 

Release date: December 3, 2020

Authors: Ioana Ceobanu, Ștefania Matei, Iulian Oană

Coordonators: conf. univ. dr. Carmen Croitoru, dr. Anda Becuț Marinescu

Description of the Publication 

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected cultural life worldwide, and the impact generated by the social distancing was felt by cultural and creative sectors as a shock wave that has profoundly affected the cultural production, distribution, and consumption in 2020 and will probably continue in the next years. The people’s emotional and rational reactions during crisis periods are hard to anticipate, and the diversity of the forms of manifestation records trends of radicalization towards extremes in such times. This is the reason why we believe it is very important to document the cultural practices during the pandemic and record the trends that may provide important information for a prognosis-type analysis. These data will potentially substantiate the medium- and long-term cultural policies and help cultural organizations’ managers to adjust their cultural strategies to the new socio-economic realities. The first edition of the study Trends in the cultural consumption during the pandemic presents the respondents’ intention to spend their spare time in the public space in the period July-December 2020, as well as comparisons to the level recorded in 2019. Furthermore, the study is focused on the identification of non-public cultural consumption practices during the isolation period and it approaches the matter of digital gaps. A special attention was paid to the consumption of radio and TV programmes, as well as to the differences recorded for this type of consumption as compared to the period prior to the start of the pandemic.” *

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