Publication: “Ongelijk getroffen, ongelijk gesteund” “Unequally affected, unequally supported”

“Unequally affected, unequally supported – Effects of the corona crisis in the cultural sector”  is a publication by Boekmanstichting Kenniscentrum voor kunst, cultuur en beleid in collaboration with the bureaus SiRM and Significant APE. In coordination with the Cultural and Creative Sector Taskforce as initiator and with support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW).

About the organization:

The Boekman Foundation was founded on 9 December 1963 at the initiative of the Federation of Artists’ Associations as a scientific institute for research into issues in the field of art policy. The foundation is named after Emanuel Boekman (1889-1940), SDAP alderman for Education and Art Affairs in Amsterdam and who obtained his doctorate with a thesis entitled Government and art in the Netherlands.

About the study: 

This new research paper looks into the financial consequences of the corona crisis in the cultural and creative sector and the effects of the support measures in 2020. Without this support, many cultural organizations would have ended up deep in the red. The study does show a big difference between the multi-year subsidized and the other organizations. The cultural organizations that are most dependent on public revenues are being hit excessively hard. For example, pop venues and free producers saw about 95% of their own income disappear. The corona support did not compensate for this sufficiently. Other big losers are self-employed: on average, they have been cut by 55%.

Download the research here ( Available only in german)  – Ongelijk-getroffen-ongelijk-gesteund_def

*Most of the above content  first appeared on Boekmanstichting website in Dutch language 





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