On the Move Cultural Mobility Yearbook 2023

This publication by On the Move is part of the organisation’s dedicated efforts to research and reflect on transversal concerns and key areas of artistic and cultural mobility, while formulating corresponding policy recommendations.

In March 2023, as part of its multiannual programme co-funded by the European Union, On the Move published the second edition of the Cultural Mobility Yearbook. This Yearbook is conceived as a way to delve into the numerous calls and resources that On the Move collects and promotes on a daily basis. Data analyst John Ellingsworth extracted data from the OTM website in order to analyse and identify trends, building context around emerging and more familiar issues in the mobility field.

With environment and sustainability as its framework, this publication looks back on activity in 2022 in order to get a picture of where the international cultural mobility sector stands today, and a sense of where it might be heading next. Along the way, it also checks in on trends in digital mobility (the focus of the 2022 Yearbook).

This Yearbook and its findings related to environmental sustainability and cultural mobility are expected to inform the Cultural Mobility Forum that will be held in Tunis and online on 9 and 10 May 2023, with the support of the European Union and in collaboration with Culture Funding Watch and HowlRound.




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