New report on female professionals in film industry

As for today among film professionals, women still only represent a quarter of all film directors working in Europe. The European Audiovisual Observatory published a new report on female professionals active in the European film industry “Female professionals in European film production – 2022 edition”, which provides an overview of the gender disparity among film professionals working in the European film industry.

The report assesses the presence of women among film professionals from three different angles:
1. How are women represented among active professionals?
2. What is the average share of female professionals per film?
3. What is the share of works by a majority of female professionals (female-driven teams)?

Analysing the gender composition of professional teams and identifying the share of films led by female-majority teams, research concludes that:

  • Women still are in a minority of the workforce in key roles
  • Female presence is stronger in documentaries than in other film genres
  • Women worked on fewer films and worked in teams more often than men
  • Only a minority of films were made by female-driven teams.
Download the report to get the concrete notions of gender parity in the European film industry.


Female professionals in European film production - 2022 Edition - P. Simone
(Female-professionals-in-European-film-production-2022-Edition-P.-Simone.pdf - 1.03 Mb)