DISCE project comes to an end: final reports, key results and project legacy

After three-and-a-half years, the DISCE (Developing Inclusive and Sustainable Creative Economies) project has come to an end, leaving behind final reports, the legacy of the project, and key results. The final policy recommendation papers are available for download. Researchers at DISCE present their vision of operating models for policymakers on European Creative Economies based on insights, mapping, and case studies developed throughout the project.

The following are some brief overviews of major policy reports:

Researchers from King’s College London examined the question “what culture (or cultures) do we need?” In their report Cultural Development and a New Culture of Care: Policy Recommendations. As DISCE advocates for the need for a ‘new culture of care’, characterized by embracing cultural development, adopting the Cultural Development Index (CDI), and championing (cultural) needs-based governance, there has never been a better time to recognize the value of culture. 

King’s College London has also produced Policy recommendations for promoting creative and cultural work (CCW) and creative higher education in Europe. This section focuses on the key structures that shape the development of sustainable CCW, such as higher/further education, employment frameworks, and fostering/care infrastructure. Authors analyze current practices among DISCE case studies and examples of best practices that can be shared. Summary policy recommendations are presented for each of these areas to assist local policymakers in addressing some of the challenges they face.

As part of a joint publication by Turku University and SSE Riga, Policy Recommendations: Value creation modelling and earning logics in creative economies, policy recommendations are provided regarding encouraging inclusive and sustainable activities in creative economies (paid and unpaid work, as well as self-employment) and value creation. A variety of approaches are discussed as well as the roles and means for policy stakeholders in fostering inclusive value creation, networks, innovations, and activities in the creative economy.

To view all of DISCE’s publications, click here.