Culture at war | Survey on the state of Ukrainian culture&creative industires

In the context of a drain of talent, decreased financial governmental support, declining demand for cultural products and services, and disrupted supply chains, creative industries still get the chance to be the engine of Ukraine’s recovery after the war.

Despite the hostile climate, some actors keep working on exporting creative products and supporting the Ukrainian economy. Creative specialists voluntarily initiated the projects aimed to help the army, displaced persons, and civilians in the occupied territories.

In order to build an effective interaction with cultural actors in this unfavorable background, a deep understanding of their internal state and the peculiarities of responding to challenges is needed. That is why The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine conducted an anonymous online survey among creative entrepreneurs and creative specialists – applicants of the UCF 2020-2022 to assess the state of the culture and creative industries during the war.


The state of culture and creative industries during the war
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