Art and Activism II – Transforming culture through artistic influence

In June a really interesting panel discussion took place by IETM called ‘Art and Activism II – Transforming culture through artistic influence’, exploring the arts’ potential to challenge mainstream narratives and highlighting the power of art as a catalyst for cultural and societal change. It emphasized the urgency of addressing climate change, colonization, capitalism, and indigenous rights through artistic expression and collective action. Furthermore, it was discussed whether artists, by acknowledging and nurturing caring relationships with the human and the non-human and more-than-human world, can inspire positive change and contribute to shaping better futures.

You can find the whole report attached.


02_Art and Activism II_Report IETM Aarhus_v02 (1)
(02_Art-and-Activism-II_Report-IETM-Aarhus_v02-1.pdf - 741.51 Kb)