Michael Culture Association’s (MCA) publication of the insights from the European Educational projects

Michael Culture Association launched a new publication series aimed at sharing insights from the European Educational projects they have been involved in.

This publication has the objective to share experiences and disseminate results of some innovative projects focusing on Education and Youth in which the Michael Culture Association (MCA) and its members, have been involved in the years 2020-2023. The first section describes the framework, objectives, activities, and results of five projects, presenting some of the educational materials developed and providing a link to the website where they can be downloaded. In the second section, the document highlights the lessons learnt, providing some useful tips, and presenting the experience of some of the member organisations that have been involved in the realisation of these projects. This publication is intended as part of a larger, multi-volume work mapping what culture, heritage and digital can do to enhance education.

You can find the publication attached.



(find-understand-train-mca-compressed-1262-2.pdf - 4.67 Mb)