Stories that count

December 2, 2010, 5:10 pm

Part of the we are more campaign adventure over the next three years will consist of stimulating a joint reflection on what kind of Europe we would like to live in by the year 2020 and beyond, also looking at the role of arts and culture in helping to develop fair, equal and sustainable European societies.

In this context, we find the new thematic work of the campaign’s strategic partner European Cultural Foundation very exciting. Over the next years, the European Cultural Foundation will focus on becoming a space for artistic expression, debate and reflection in which new narratives for Europe can emerge, be confronted, negotiated and widely shared.

One way of doing that is to let young do-it-yourself filmmakers zoom in on Europe to tell new stories that count. One very inspiring example of that is 18-year old Courtney Vizard’s (UK) video Life without Art.

Watch Life without art from the European Cultural Foundation on Vimeo.

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