Petition against drastic cuts in Slovenian culture budget

October 21, 2015, 2:52 pm

Prime Minister Miro Cerar
Office of the Prime Minister
Government of the Republic of Slovenia


Gothenburg/ Brussels, 16 October 2015

Letter of Support


Dear Sir,

As members and friends gathered in the framework of Culture Action Europe, the leading European voice representing the culture and creative sector, we hereby express our deepest concern over the situation in Slovenia, where spending for culture in the next two-year budget has reached a level where the existence of many cultural organisations is endangered and their culture programmes are seriously endangered.

Cultural infrastructure is easy to dismantle and destroy- and takes a long time to rebuild. Therefore, while we understand that financial challenges call upon efforts from all fields of society, we call upon you to reconsider this short-sighted political decision to cut the culture budget in a disproportionate manner.

The recent situation when Miha Turšič was striking against the unsustainable conditions in the field of culture is alarming.

Our concerns go beyond the aforementioned case as we are also worried about our future collaborations with our Slovenian members and partners, the cultural sector- and Slovenian civil society as a whole.

Slovenian cultural players and organisations have an important voice in the European space, and are key elements in your country’s connections, integration, and sustainable social and economic development.

Having in mind the demand Miha Turšič, pleading for a 2% increase in spending on culture in the state budget, we strongly support our Slovenian partners in their efforts to persuade decision makers to take the international collaborations of the cultural sector and their obligations seriously.

We sincerely believe that you should acknowledge the importance of the proper funding of culture, and remain available for further discussion and support.





Signed on 15 to 17 October 2015, Sweden:

Mistriotis Alexandros, artist, Greece
Mercedes Giovinazzo, Interarts, Spain
Angie Cotte, Roberto Cimetta Fund, Euro-Arab
Katrin Iddsdottir, Human Rights Lowyer, Iceland
Carl Forsberg, Green Party, Sweden
Simone Dudt, European Music Council, Germany
Clymene Christophorou, IsisArts, UK
Julia Bell, Contemporary Visual Arts Network, UK
Marianne Versteegh, Kunsten ’92, Netherlands
Mary Ann DeVleig, freelance
Alessandro Rancati, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Bel Olid, AELC, Catalonia, Spain
Sarah de Heusch, Smart, Belgium
Myriam Mazzoni, City of Gothenburg, Sweden
Luca Bergamo, Culture Action Europe, Sweden



Alex Meszmer, Communication and International Relations, Visarte Switzerland, Zuerich
Julia Pagel, Secretary General’ NEMO – The Network of European Museum Organisations, Berlin


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