#UrbanOctober: Join RECREaction social media day

October 10, 2016, 3:07 pm

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Culture Action Europe together with its members and partners in Italy (and elsewhere) campaigns to put culture at the centre of local public policy. Join #RECREaction social media day on October 12 launched by Italian members of CAE, if you believe that CULTURE CREATES CITIES!

Cultural services are essential citizenship services and as such should be mainstreamed in public policies at the local level. CAE Italian members chose the city of Rome as a first working platform. The “CRE-ACTION ROMA. La cultura che crea” (“CRE-ACTION. Culture creates”) meeting earlier this year identified 10 key points with the perspective of being verified and deepened though fieldwork.

This innovative, participatory discussion gathered over 80 operators from different cities and different fields of culture, both public and private, to share ideas and identify patterns, tools and best practices for the cultural sector around the keywords: citizens, development and community.

The outcome of this day of talks and confrontation is a Strategic Document, made of 10 central points and also sent to the candidates Mayor of Rome with the aim to start a relevant dialogue with social actors, citizens, cultural operators, enterprises, training centres and public administrators.

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