Kultura Nova Foundation published i-Portunus Houses project research results

The i-Portunus Houses pilot project is a part of “i-Portunus Houses – Kick-Start a Local Mobility Host Network for Artists & Cultural Professionals in All Creative Europe Countries”, funded by the European Commission. Coordinated by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), the i-Portunus Houses consortium involved MitOst (Berlin) as the main mobility implementer and the Kultura Nova Foundation (Zagreb) as the lead in evaluation and analysis.

The project is dedicated to testing and analysing diverse transnational mobility schemes for the cultural sector. Apart from granting support for local hosts from all Creative Europe countries for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals, the project also includes research on mobility in culture. In this research, the mobility of artists and cultural professionals is understood as the temporary, cross-border travel of artists and cultural professionals with the purpose of creating (the working purpose), connecting (networking opportunities), exploring (creative research) and learning (education and capacity-building opportunities).

In October 2022 Kultura Nova Foundation, as a part of The i-Portunus Houses project, published the results of the research on mobility in culture consisting of 4 interconnected volumes. This i-Portunus Houses four-volume publication is based on the research on mobility in culture conducted by Kultura Nova Foundation within the i-Portunus Houses project. This research incorporated a mixed-methods research approach. The four-volume book is the culmination of these processes, presenting data, analyses, recommendations and predictions for the future. This research aims to reach three main target groups of actors: 1) artists and cultural professionals who experience the mobility; 2) their local mobility hosts (organisations or individual artists and cultural professionals) who provide mobility opportunities and mobility infrastructure at the destination; and 3) entities that are funding the mobilities, setting the mobility conditions and providing mobility opportunities.

Each volume represents one of the research sections:

  1. Conceptual framework of mobility in culture
  2. The study on mobility in culture from the perspectives of artists, cultural professionals, hosts and funders
  3. An evaluation of i-Portunus Houses mobility grant scheme
  4. Scenario for the future of mobility in culture.