Voices of Culture: International Cultural Relations

As a result of increased geopolitical tension, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic experience, and broader economic, political, social, and technological change, the practices and even the very paradigm of global international cultural relations (ICR) need constant evaluation. From the state to the individual and including civil society organisations (CSOs) and cultural actors, stakeholders of ICR all have a role to play and must hold themselves and others accountable for creating the conditions for more sustainable, accessible, equitable, and inclusive ICR.

In February 2022, Voices of Culture held a Structured Dialogue on International Cultural Relations (ICR) in which they discussed many topics, recommendations, steps, and project ideas. Numerous complex topics in the ICR have been addressed by considering equity, space, access, and time. This approach ensures a more inclusive perspective and includes new voices in co-designing ICR activities and exploring funding mechanisms. Discussions provided the chance to share knowledge, read and learn from others, and understand the gaps in information, knowledge, and perspectives without reinventing the wheel. The report is divided into four main sections: Access, Time, Equity, and Space with the intention to be comprehensible and accessible to practitioners of culture as well as professionals in the field of cultural policy.

Voices of Culture Report


Voices of Culture Published Report
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