CAE Italy: Three Objectives for Culture Manifesto

January 31, 2018, 11:54 am

Culture Action Europe puts culture at the heart of public debate and decision making at the European, regional and national level. On the occasion of the Italian political elections 2018, Italian members of Culture Action Europe ask candidates of all parties and coalitions for explicit support and increase in national public budget allocated for culture.

The manifesto published by members of Culture Action Europe in Italy focuses on three objectives for culture:

  • Foster the access to material, intangible, digital cultural resources;
  • Promote actions and opportunities aimed at developing cultural competences, professional potential and entrepreneurship;
  • Guarantee, in the centres up to 10,000 inhabitants (85% of the Italian centres, with over 18 million people), the creation and operation of at least one “cultural station”, open 5/7, no less than 25 hours per week, and, with reference to the National Strategy of the Internal Areas, setting a network of “cultural stations” in all the centres involved.

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CAE Italy – Manifesto