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Action Groups

Culture Action Europe's Action Groups work on strategic projects to define positions, agree on joint approaches or share knowledge.


Listen to podcasts hosted and produced from Culture Action Europe and members from across the network.


Learn more about the Cultural Deal for Europe, the Culture2030 Goal and other campaigns from Culture Action Europe and advocates across the cultural ecosystem.


Read our open letters, policy documents, calls to action and other tools for advocacy from CAE members here.

Geographical Hubs

Culture Action Europe (CAE) Geographical Hub is a platform where CAE members, members of members and external invited participants from the specific geographical area come together. Geographical hubs may share a country, region, borders and/or language.

Culture Action Europe (CAE) Action Groups (CAE AG) is a space where CAE members form a working group around a specific topic for a maximum of 3 years, with a defined annual goal, purpose, focus, deliverables and budget (if applicable). These are revised annually. AG are organised around diverse research areas and topics of the CAE strategy looking for commonalities among the members.


Action groups on:

working conditions sustainability well-being

digital and ai