CAE Calls for a Future Proof Agenda for Culture

July 20, 2018, 7:11 pm

The European Commission Communication ‘A New Agenda for Culture’ of 22 May 2018 will establish the policy framework guiding European Cultural Action for the next decade. A future-proof Agenda for Culture must respond to a new cultural, economic and social landscape, while offering a flexible framework capable of adjusting to emerging trends. Culture Action Europe detailed the key guiding principles that can help to achieve a future oriented, balanced approach to cultural action in its 2 March 2018 position. In view of the European Commission’s proposed New Agenda for Culture, Culture Action Europe calls on the European institutions and Member States to recognise:


  • Recognise creation, artistic expression and artistic research as the basis for social, economic and external impacts.
  • Mainstream culture in a holistic way, including all cultural and creative sectors.
  • Guarantee a fair and equal support across all cultural and artistic expressions as a mean to ensure European cultural diversity.
  • Support cultural mobility, including mobility of works and mobility of cultural workers and organisations.

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