Pro-CCS rolls out pilot course for creative professionals

July 17, 2023, 8:55 am

Culture Action Europe’s project, “Pro-CCS: Microfunding for Culture” has recently launched an online Distance Training Course for professionals working in the cultural and creative sector who would like to start or develop their creative activities as a sustainable business.

The project, which supports overall CCSs by reinforcing the competences of professionals active in the sectors, aims at bridging the cultural and creative sectors with the financial sector in order to facilitate access to credit.

The development of the course material is motivated by the need to enable and empower CCS professionals to acquire necessary business and marketing knowledge in order to enhance their attractiveness to various stakeholders. The course gives a framework to discover different business topics. It will give information and advice to describe the story of one’s business, develop a business idea with a meaningful business and financial plan and give a structural guideline for administrative tasks.

A survey to identify training needs of the cultural and creative sectors was conducted earlier in the year, providing the basis from which the course work for the traning was developed. The most prominent nds that wer indicated in said survey focused on Positioning & Marketing, Business Knowledge and Administration. Each module of the training focuses on these key areas by providing theory, methodology and best practices/case studies.

Overall, the course:

  • provides CCS professionals with valuable knowledge to build a business
  • introduces new methods and skills and provides worksheets and templates that can be used afterwards
  • inspires through best practices and pragmatic tips

From 7 July – 21 July, the pilot of the Distance Training Course for Professionals in the Cultural and Creative Sector will be available for anyone to take online. At the end of the pilot course, a short evaluation will be asked from the course participants so that the project partners are able to refine and improve the course to be offered as an open-source material to more artists and cultural workers in the sector.

The course, which is self-paced, allows the participant to complete the course in their own time online and download the full handbook and supplmental material for further reading.

Anyone inerested in taking the course can still do so until Friday, 21 July by registering here.

Pro-CCS is a transversal project, as it is led by a diverse group of partners that cover the full range of the project activities: a national public body (Ente Nazionale per il Microcredito, Italy) expert in the implementation of microfinance policies and tools at European and national level; an innovation and business centre (InnoGrowth, Bulgaria); a business incubator part of a worldwide network (ImpactHub Leipzig, Germany); one umbrella organization supporting the CCS at EU level (Culture Action Europe, Belgium); one consultancy company (Euradia Italia) specialized in institutional relations, project management and communication.
Pro-CCS is co-funded by the European Union and will run until January 2024.
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