Pro-CCS: Microfunding Cultural and Creative Sectors

April 11, 2022, 8:14 am

“Pro-CCS: Microfunding Cultural and Creative Sectors” bridges the skills gaps of arts and cultural entrepreneurs and connects them with business and microfinance resources.

It is a well-recognised fact at the EU level that the CCS is amongst the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Nevertheless, the challenges in accessing finance are one of the most critical obstacles to its growth. Additionally, the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has particularly impacted the CCS due to the sudden and massive loss of revenue opportunities.

This project will create access to a European community of mentors who are specialized in providing online training and tutoring to CCS professionals as well as supporting their microbusiness ideas by easing access to credit and funding opportunities. The project will also support financial intermediaries in better understanding of unique needs of the CCS and to reinforce their awareness of the economic potential of the sector itself.

Specifically, Pro-CCS will develop

  • a training course for financial tutors and business development services providers,
  • a distance training course addressed to CCS professionals,
  • and a toolkit addressed to financial intermediators to support business start-up in the cultural and creative sector.

Pro-CCS is a transversal project, as it is led by a diverse group of partners that cover the full range of the project activities: a national public body (Ente Nazionale per il Microcredito, Italy) expert in the implementation of microfinance policies and tools at European and national level; an innovation and business centre (InnoGrowth, Bulgaria); a business incubator part of a worldwide network (ImpactHub Leipzig, Germany); one umbrella organization supporting the CCS at EU level (Culture Action Europe, Belgium); one consultancy company (Euradia Italia) specialized in institutional relations, project management and communication.

Pro-CCS is co-funded by the European Union and will run until January 2024.

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