Launch of the ‘2013 European Debates’

March 8, 2013, 6:06 pm

The 2013 European Debates promoted by Culture Action Europe consists of a series of debates on European issues linked to the campaign message and animated by the advocacy network’s members across Europe. The ultimate goal of the debates is to foster the emergence of a citizen’s agenda for a sustainable, just and democratic Europe, based on a new social contract of which culture and the arts are pillars.

Designed as a set of stimulating conversations, the outcomes of the 2013 European Debates will be recapped during CAE’s annual conference towards the end of the year. The first debates will be hosted by the spring conference organized by Opera Europa and RESEO in Vienna (on the theme of ‘Engaging citizens in the creation process in times of social and economic instability’, April 4-7) and IETM’s Spring Plenary in Dublin (as part of their ‘Big debate: How to trust and be trusted’, April 11-14).

Image for: Launch of the ‘2013 European Debates’