Last stops on the 2013 European Debates Tour

December 10, 2013, 3:11 pm

The 2013 European Debates, is a series of debates on European issues promoted by CAE linked to the campaign message and animated by the advocacy network’s members. After having toured Europe since April and participated in a large number of debates on issues such as citizenship, trust, structural funds, cultural infrastructure and reclamation of public space through culture, we made the last stop for this year with the debate “The Welfare line, Encounter 1: Protection from Social & Economic Risks for Atypical Employment in the EU” organized by CAE in collaboration with SMartBE on December 2 in Brussels. In addition to this event, CAE has also been debating European issues while being present and represented by CAE staff and board members at several members’ and partners’ events over the autumn.

20/09 NEMO’s The Learning Museum event, Bologna

26-27/09 Art Lab, Lecce

30/09 “Cultural Actors, let’s take action and construct a common European cultural agenda” debate, Banlieues d’ Europe, Lyon

16-17/11 EUROCITIES Culture Forum, Gdansk

17-20/11 IETM Autumn Plenary, Athens

02/11 NEMO AGM, Bucharest

4-6/11 European Culture Forum 2013, Brussels

7/11 Intra-EU cultural mobility and the issues of social security and taxation, On the Move, Brussels

8/11 EUNIC-training program ‘How to Build a European project’, Brussels

12/11 UIA Roundtable Europe, Brussels

15/11 European Law and cultural policies European Parliament Symposium, Brussels

27-28/11 Region of Västra Götaland training programme, Gothenburg

28/11-1/12 Trans Europe Halles Meeting 76, Marseille

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