Hyperdivercité – the Learning Partnerships – MCP Broker

March 30, 2015, 1:49 pm

Hyperdivercité, le territoire comme espace de relations. The Belgian Learning Partnerships

MCP Broker | Brokering Migrants’ Cultural Participation
La Tricoterie, Brussels, Belgium
24 – 25 March 2015


On the 24-25 March 2015, Culture Action Europe organised “Hyperdivercité, le territoire comme espace de relations”, which was a dynamic forum on culture participation for migrant comunities in Belgium.

For this occasion, Public Cultural Institutions, employment agencies, the education sector, associations and NGO were all gathered to take part in a workshop in Brussels to discuss, debate and exchange opinions and experiences on cultural participation. Do we share the same cultural frameworks? Which meanings do we assign to the words “intercultural” or “migrant”? Do we need a new paradigm? Which are the challenges that people working with migrant comunities face everyday? These are some questions aroused during the Learning Partnerships.

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