The Shift: Sharing Economy & the Cultural Sector

From 2014 to 2017, Culture Action Europe has worked to collectively reflect on how the paradigm of the Sharing Economy is impacting on the cultural sector. This paradigm has impacts both at the organisational level and on the production side of such cultural organisations.

The work of these three years has created a growing working group which has led to the refinement of elements that are critical to the cultural sector; to the collection of practices that can work as an inspiration; to the publishing of an handbook made mainly of practical ways of applying such principles; to the strengthening of a core working group that is currently experimenting new edges for the development of the sharing economy principles in the cultural sector.

Among many elements to be tackled when talking about sharing economy principles and the cultural sector, the main issues explored and discussed by the working group – through physical and virtual gatherings and experiments – were:

partnerships, and how to build them in a win-win framework within operators mainly from the cultural sector;
crowd funding, and how to apply such a concrete tool to philosophical projects such as the cultural ones;
open data, and the impact of sharing information among the cultural sector;
impact evaluation, as a way also to align objectives and expectations among partners;
sustainability, as a way to enlarge the scope of cultural organisations and their actions towards society.

CAE: Sharing Economy Handbook

CAE: Sharing Economy Toolkit

CAE: Sharing Economy Presentation



CAE: Sharing Economy Handbook
(CAE2015_SharingEconomy.pdf - 2.32 Mb)

CAE: Sharing Economy Toolkit
(CAE_SE_ToolkitY3_v3LP.pdf - 5.75 Mb)

CAE: Sharing Economy Presentation
(Window3-Christina.DaMilano-Sharing-economy.pdf - 1.54 Mb)