ENCC Commitment on Equality

For many years the ENCC has been working on diversity and inclusion, with a specific focus on arts and disability. Yet despite recent progress and inspirational practices, diversity in cultural organisations is still lacking. That is why the network decided to set out a collection of aims in practicing equality and celebrating diversity in our workplaces and cultural spaces.

The key points are:

● Identifying any barriers for under-represented groups to participate

● Identifying and considering under-representation on our boards and management teams

● Considering what equality policies we have or might want to establish help us with this work

● Reviewing accessibility from a disability perspective

● Considering how we reach diverse audiences and give visibility to different equality groups

● Considering how we monitor for equality.

This commitment was drafted in the context of the ENCC Inspired by Diversity project, in consultation with equality expert Zita Holbourne.

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(the_encc_commitment_on_equality.pdf - 448.17 Kb)