Creative Europe: Programme Analysis and Recommendations

Culture Action Europe (CAE) has carried out an analysis of the first two years of operation of the Creative Europe programme’s Culture sub-programme. The analysis and ensuing recommendations are based on a survey launched by CAE. They offer a preliminary appraisal of how the cultural sector has adapted to Creative Europe, as well as the programme’s adjustment to the needs of the sector.

Thanks to the detailed insights of CAE’s members and close contacts, the survey offers a comprehensive, cross-sectoral, trans-European assessment of the current programme and points to critical aspects that should be taken in consideration for a more effective implementation and, in particular, when designing the following post-2020 cycle of the programme. 

We want to thank our committed members for their participation and invaluable feedback. We hope the extensive data in this study will support your advocacy efforts.

CAE Creative Europe Survey – Summary

CAE Creative Europe Survey – Full Study


CAE Creative Europe Survey Executive Summary
(CAE_CreativeEuropeSurvey_executiveSummary_Final.pdf - 3.05 Mb)

CAE Creative Europe Survey: Study
(CAE_CreativeEuropeSurvey_Study_v2.pdf - 3.71 Mb)