CAE reacts to EC communication on Rethinking Education with Access to Culture Platform and EUCIS-LLL 

March 19, 2013, 8:57 am
Culture and education are closely intertwined all along our citizens’ life. The cultural sector represents a world of thousands of opportunities to learn, be they formal, non-formal or informal. The outcomes of these practices are more and more acknowledged in the educational systems and ought to be better exploited. The cultural sector aims more and more to mainstream culture in other EU fields of action and especially in education; while the education and training sector has been increasingly concerned with building closer links with cultural actors as essential learning providers.The recent Communication from the European Commission on “Rethinking education: investing in skills for better economic and social outcomes” impulses an important momentum for policy-makers and stakeholders to reflect upon what EU action in the field of education and training is about and what direction it should take up to 2020. The two sectors seize here the opportunity to emphasise the crucial role of culture in broadening the access to lifelong learning, especially for the most disadvantaged groups.
Read Culture Action Europe joint position with the Access to Culture Platform and EUCIS-LLL on “Building synergies between education and culture. The three platforms seize the opportunity of the new Communication to emphasise the crucial need to better link EU strategies and policies in the field of education and culture, i.e. for a broader access to lifelong learning or for a better acquisition of key competences.