CAE position on the Creative Europe 2021-2027 Proposal

July 20, 2018, 7:01 pm

Culture Action Europe welcomes the continuation of the current Creative Europe programme in 2021-2027, as a stand-alone programme. Creative Europe 2021-2027 is a unique instrument promoting a vision of Europe that embraces cultural diversity among the peoples of Europe and builds bridges across communities. CAE believes that Creative Europe has a fundamental role in strengthening the contribution of culture to the future of Europe. Culture has the potential to build bridges across Europeans. Stronger bonds between its people make Europe stronger. We call the European Institutions and Member States to double the budget for culture and be ambitious in the definition of Creative Europe 2021-2027.


  • Social, artistic and cultural objectives, including creation and artistic research, should be the focus of the Creative Europe 2021-2027 without disregarding its economic dimension;
  • Promote a holistic approach when mainstreaming culture, including all CCS when establishing cross-overs with wider EU policy fields;
  • Favour horizontal schemes for challenges common to all sectors. Sectoral approaches are adequate for areas of high sectoral specificity;
  • Support cultural mobility, including mobility of works and mobility of cultural workers and organisations, with an ambitious funding.
  • Set co-financing rates to, at least, 80% in order to alleviate the barriers to access the programme.

Read the full position:

CAE position on Creative Europe 2021-2027