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February 16, 2016, 12:34 pm
2016 -

In recent years, European cities have increasingly gained knowledge on the importance of cultural policies for local sustainable development, including the intrinsic cultural aspects which are essential for wellbeing and the exercise of human rights, as well as the contribution that cultural participation and resources can make to social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Indeed, sustainable cities require an integral approach, based on the combination of different perspectives and objectives as well as cooperation between public, private and civil society actors. Whereas a wealth of knowledge and good practice examples exists, much remains to be done to enable effective evaluation, peer-learning and the dissemination of existing intelligence.

The ‘Culture in Sustainable Cities. Learning with Culture 21 Actions’ programme, jointly devised by UCLG’s Committee on culture and Culture Action Europe, aims to address this gap, by providing opportunities for European cities to participate in a learning process, on the basis of the principles and actions included in Culture 21 Actions and on the experience and expertise of Culture Action Europe in representing and collecting the voices of the civil society cultural actors. 

The European programme is run in cooperation with Culture Action Europe and the CEMR.

CAE’s political advocacy work on the EU Urban Agenda is promoted in collaboration with European Cultural Foundation.


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