Structural and Financial Barriers to Access to Culture     

March 16, 2018, 12:15 pm

The Cult Committee held a public hearing on access to culture on the 26 February. Invited experts discussed public funding for culture, copyright, cross-border tax policy issue, and new financing models for arts centres geared to fulfil  the social, educational and democratic role of culture. You can find their presentations here. The ensuing debate focused on how to balance the fair remuneration of creators and access to cultural content online, as well as the extent that tax policies concerning artists should and could be harmonised.

The rapporteur, MEP Zdrojewski, presented his comprehensive draft report focusing on four types of barriers: financial, educational, structural and technological. All the main points included in the CAE reflection paper and background analysis, which was sent to the rapporteurs and shadow rapporteurs, are reflected in the report. The report will be voted on the 25 April. The amendments to the report can be found here.

Image for: Structural and Financial Barriers to Access to Culture