Reset! Statement: Independence needs to stay independent

July 31, 2023, 10:44 am


Reset! has released the statement “Independence needs to stay independent: Resetting European Culture – roadmap to 2024”.

While in its second year, Reset! and its members wish to declare their need to advocate and support their shared values of pluralism, diversity, equality and sustainability on the road to the European Elections 2024.

With one year to go before the European elections, the independent cultural structures and media members of Reset!, intend to warn on the dangers Europe’s independent cultural and media sector faces and offer their contribution to the rewriting of a new cultural, social, and democratic manifesto.



Reset! welcomes all players who share its vision for a fair European cultural and media landscape to join them and contribute to shape those claims into action. Beyond raising the alarm, the objective of this statement is to bring together all those who share the ambition to redefine the core meaning of cultural independence, the way sectors interact, and the way they relate to public authorities and the private sector.

By raising our voices as one and starting to advocate for these elections now we can build a new founding act of a new European paradigm for culture, media and arts that is fair and inclusive for all, both within and beyond Europe’s borders as well as for the future generations.

Reset!, is a European network initiated by Arty Farty in Lyon in 2022. It federates independent cultural and media structures representing diversity and pluralism in Europe, and amplifies their visibility and networking through a series of actions. Reset! consists of 66 members from 25 countries. Since 2020, Arty Farty has been an active member of Culture Action Europe.

The statement is also available in 22 European languages:

Albanian, Estonian, German, Lithuanian, Portuguese,

Swedish, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian,

Turkish, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Norwegian, Serbian,

Ukrainian, Georgian, Italian, Polish and Spanish.


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