IETM First Summer School – Campus 2015 –

March 27, 2015, 2:00 pm
IETM Campus 2015
Almagro, Spain, 6-12 June
Application deadline: 13 April. Non-members of IETM can also apply apply.

It will be a week of intense practical exchange of skills, information, experience and contacts with key international professionals. The programme will include a mix of lectures, training sessions and participatory workshops that will focus on international and intercultural collaboration. Sessions will be organised around themes such as the landscape, the international practice (budgeting, negociating, ethics..), the collateral responsabilities (visa, contracts…).

Participants will be performing arts professionals with two years of professional experience in the contemporary arts field, taking their first steps in the world of international exchange.  The can be freelancers,  working for an organisation that is starting to work internationally or working in an organisation aiming to enhance their practice.

For more information on IETM’s Campus 2015 program and to know how to apply , click here.
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